Darren Allen

“Conceptual, deep and minimal techno aimed towards discerning dance floors.”

Darren Allen is a strict do-it-yourself man. The Irishman has been making music for years – as well as running Underlying Form, the nerdy Facebook record group and connoisseur party of the same name – but never put anything out. Keen to do something with his “substantial body of work”, he decided that rather than hawk it around to others, he would set up on his own from day one.

“The first release was an experiment,” he says. “I didn’t know anything about distribution and all the added expenses but, generally, after accepting delays from the pressing plant it has been a smooth ride. The most challenging part has been finding a balance between marketing and promotion. I do not like to see labels turn their art into a consumable product to be forced down people’s throat.”

Now based in Berlin, Darren wants the releases to reflect his reality and philosophy and to “challenge people’s rigid expectations of how electronic music should sound”. The label will always focus on deep, weird and trippy electronic sounds and benefits somewhat from the fact that Underlying Form was already a known name in tight-knit underground circles. Not strictly limited to Darren’s own work, remixes and collabs are on the horizon for 2017, but expensive art and design is not, as he instead prefers to keep the cost of the music – the most important part of all this – down to a minimum.

“I probably surprised [people] with the bold approach and style of the first release,” he says. “Just the way I like it.”