Roman Flügel is committed. Not to one style, but to electronic music itself. After devoting almost his entire life to music via countless aliases (such as Alter Ego, Soylent Green, Roman IV), Roman Flugel is now focusing on releasing and playing music under his real name. An active member of Frankfurt’s underground scene in the 1990s, Roman Flügel made a life time commitment to thriving on the knife edge of creative pursuit, shape shifting like smoke through different masks and guises along the way. With more than 20 years of expertise at his disposal, a night with Frankfurt’s finest has become nothing short of unmissable. Flügel’s CV is staggering, he is: co-founder of Ongaku – Playhouse – Klang Elektronik with Ata and Heiko Schäffer; the man behind immortal hits like “Geht’s Noch?” or “Rocker” (signed by Alter Ego, with Jon Elling Wuttke); a producer under multiple aliases and projects (Roman IV, Soylent Green, Eight Miles High, Sensorama); a remixer and high-flying dj able to constantly reinvent himself, playing at the best clubs around the world. All this topped in recent times by two excellent albums: “Fatty Folders” and “Happiness Is Happening”, both released on Dial. The world is indeed his oyster.